Logan Forsythe getting called up to sit next to Blake Tekotte

Orlando Hudson is going back onto the disabled list with a strained left groin and Logan Forsythe will be called back up from Triple-A to join the team on Friday. It would be nice to see Forsythe get the bulk of the action at the position with the injury, but if his last stint is any indication, he will just be sitting on the bench with Blake Tekotte. Tekotte was recently called up and has only seen one plate appearance since the call.

Alberto Gonzalez likely will get most of the starts while Orlando is on the DL. Eric Patterson might see some time at 2B also.

Why not play the kids? We have an awful record and it would be nice to get these guys some big league experience while they are here. Is Forsythe going to be worse than Gonzalez? We will never find out, since Forsythe will be sitting on the bench.

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    i agree! Let the kids play!

  • Eric

    I totally agree. The Padres have a history of showing no confidence at all in young players. Matt Antonelli rotted in the minors for years and stopped playing well when he realized the Padres were never going to give him a chance. The Pads were in first place last year with Cabrera as their shortstop; they decided to get an old shortstop with no range, Tejada, and then fell out of first place. Now they have Cabrara in the minors so they can play Bartlett, who has no homers (and no power anymore) The could have won if they pitched Luebke more at the end. Forsythe will rot on the bench so that the Pads can play Gonzalez, who is a very poor hitter. To Bud Black, it doesn’t matter if a player can hit or not; he just wants someone over 30 and on the downside of his career. That’s why the young Pad players never have any confidence.

    • http://boltbeat.com Ernie Padaon

      it is so frustrating to see some of these “veterans” play and we know that they cant hit! these kids like forsythe and tekotte have been hitting down on the farm and they sit on the bench..

      Why bring them up then? Let them keep getting their at bats on the farm if we arent going to play them