Padres win 13-6. I can't make this stuff up

San Diego Padres 13 – Milwaukee Brewers 6

What madness!! The San Diego Padres offense exploded for 23 hits and scored 13 runs. In the last 13 innings we have THIRTY-THREE hits. Where did this offensive attack come from and will it please stay around for the rest of the season? Ryan Ludwick (yea, that guy I just wrote about how much he sucks) hit a home run and hit 4 RBIs today and Chris Denorfia (the guy that should be starting) also started off the game with a home run. Every starter in the lineup had a hit in the game. We were fueled by EIGHT runs in the eighth inning to lead us to victory!

Tim Stauffer was looking to get his first victory of the season, but after he was given a 5 run lead, he found a way to give up 6 runs. He will still be searching for that first victory when he takes the mound in 5 days. He had to make it a roller coaster ride for the fans!

Whatever you guys did today, don’t change it! If only we could hit against Randy Wolf every day. Let’s keep this rolling and do it again on Friday against the Rockies!

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