It's lineup time

#Padres Venable 9 Bartlett 6 Ludwick 7 Headley 5 Hawpe 3 Maybin 8 Patterson 4 Johnson 2 Latos 1less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Here is the cast of guys that will take their hacks against fireballer Zack Greinke and the Milwaukee Brewers. It would have been nice to see Chris Denorfia in the lineup after he had a 2-hit game yesterday.

Tonight’s #Brewers lineup: 2B Weeks, CF Gomez, LF Braun, 1B Fielder, 3B McGehee, SS Betancourt, RF Hart, C Lucroy, P Greinkeless than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

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