And the losses just keep on coming

Los Angeles Dodgers 3 – our pitiful Padres 2

We traveled up north to Los Angeles after an off day and we were all hoping that some rest could get things rolling. It would have been extra nice to get things rolling against the Duds, but they were able to stop us from doing any of that. We just were not able to generate any offense AGAIN.

We were able to put a couple of runs across the plate, but we could not get the big hit in the end of the game to tie it up. Nick Hundley lined out to end the game and to stop our comeback attempt. Former Friar Tony Jr made the catch to end the game. It is just the same story that we have had all season long.

Clayton Richard had a good day pitching but will get a loss. Just another day in the life as a Padres pitcher. The only hope is for us to throw shutouts and then get on our knees to pray for some runs.

Tomorrow is another day

  • Laura

    Oh padres

  • Ed R

    I wonder if others have the same uneasy feeling that things are NOT going to get better because the players and coaches who are doing their best just aren’t good enough to climb out of the cellar. Let’s face it – these guys can pitch, they can run, they can field – but the just can’t put runs on the board and they aren’t going to do any better for the rest of this year at least. Ludwick and Hawpe are no longer capable, although there are flashes of brilliance. They are washed up and that’s why their teams let them go. Hundley is about the only offensive threat. Headley can’t hit over .200 right-handed, has no significant power, and makes inexplicable boners in the field. Venable can’t hit, Denorfia is OK when they let him play and is really exciting to watch in the field, but for some reason he’s not a regular, Hudson is not hitting, Cantu is not hitting, need I go on? If the owner of the Padres wants a winner, he is going to have to pay some reasonable bucks or trade off a couple of pitchers to get some bats. ‘Small ball’ is never going to win a pennant in this division. ‘Small ball’ in this town = ‘cheap ball’. I love baseball, but would rather go out and watch grass die than see this team lose, and lose, and lose, then lose some more.