Giant golf club used as the PETCO Park right field foul pole

If you are heading out to PETCO today to see the Padres take on the Phillies, take a look out at right field and you will notice that the jolly green giant left a TaylorMade R11 driver sitting on the right field foul pole.

TaylorMade attached the giant golf club to the right field foul pole during the Padres road trip in Chicago to promote their new driver. It is definitely a creative way to advertise the new club by TaylorMade and the fans will definitely notice it out there.

They will also be donating money for Padres drives over the fence:

For every “drive” — when a Padres player hits a ball over the fence for a home run — TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company will donate $600 to a local charity.

With this lineup, not sure how much money will be donated. Maybe they should donate some money for runners left in scoring position.

I wonder if Callaway will try to take over the left field pole to honor lefty Phil Mickelson.

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