Get that monkey off our back... Padres pull through with walk-off victory

Cincinnati Red 2 – San Diego Padres 3

W: Heath Bell (1-0)
L: Nick Masset (0-3)

It was the final game of the 8-game home stand and it felt like a mirror image of the game played yesterday. Frustrating and tense! You could sense the frustration on the team and it showed when Buddy Black was thrown out early in the game for arguing balls and strikes. We couldn’t catch a break and everything seemed to go Cincinnati’s way.

We went down by 2 runs early and it felt like that lead would be too large to overcome. It felt like we would go home with the same disappointment as last night.

Even with our recent struggles though, we have put ourselves in position to win games and just have not been able to capitalize on the opportunities.

Our luck had to changed at some point… AND today was that day.

In the 9th inning, in a tie ballgame, the Padres found a way to load the bases with one out and Jason Bartlett up to bat. Bartlett hit a dribbler and the Reds took the force out at home plate. It felt like we would run through the same nightmare we had last night. BUT then came in Orlando Hudson to the plate.

The O-Dawg hit a single to drive in the run for the walk-off victory. JUBILATION AND A SIGH OF RELIEF!

The team really needed the confidence of this victory before they going on their road trip that starts out in Houston. Hopefully we can string some wins together and get this offense rolling out on the road.

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