Signs pointing to Wade LeBlanc as the 5th starter

Wade LeBlanc will be pitching in a minor league start today to avoid facing the Cincinnati Reds. The first time that the Padres will need to use a 5th starter would be against the Reds on April 12th. By keeping LeBlanc out of the lineup, it prevents the Reds from seeing his pitches and learning the timing and movement.

Also, Dustin Moseley and Corey Luebke were both used in one inning relief stints in their latest outings. By this time in spring, the starting pitchers would want to get their pitch counts up to prepare for the season.

LeBlanc will need to pitch much better during the season in comparison to his spring numbers. He has a 7.78 ERA this spring, but he will benefit getting out of Arizona and into PETCO Park.

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