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Heath Bell holds a Twitter Q&A with the fans

Heath Bell took some time off from his day in Arizona to hold a quick question and answer with his fans on twitter.

  • Favorite ballpark food: Philly Cheesesteaks
  • Favorite team to beat: All of them
  • Hardest out in baseball: Albert Pujols
  • Favorite place to eat while in AZ for spring training: Arrowhead Grill
  • What athlete did you look up to when you were younger: Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens
  • Whats your pregame playlist like, whats gets you pumped: Linkin Park and Kutless
  • Favorite taco shop in SD: Taco Bell
  • Any tips for a pitcher in his freshman year of high school: Keep the ball down
  • What sports you played growing up besides baseball: I played soccer, football and dodgeball
  • Who you got in NCAA tourney: San Diego State!!
  • What’s your favorite hockey team to use on NHL 11: Phoenix Coyotes
  • What do you think of Brian Wilson: I love the Beach Boys
  • What do you think about the starting lineup, enough talent to score enough runs to put together another winning season? Absolutely
  • Do u go to the rock: no… Horizon
  • Who did you look up to growing up: My dad
  • What’s it like striking out the last batter of a game: Like drinking a glass of #TigerBlook … #winning
  • Best all around athlete on this seasons team: Cedric Hunter
  • What team(s) did u root for growing up: Padres and Angles
  • If you could put together your own baseball team with anyone you want, past or present, what is your line-up: SS – Rey Ordonez, RF – Tony Gwynn, 3B – David Wright, LF – Barry Bonds, CF – Mickey Mantle, C – Bruce Bochy, 1B – Mike Piazza, 2B – Robbie Alomar, P – Babe Ruth, Lefty Specialist – Royce Ring, Closer – Rod Beck
  • Hows Mat Latos looking: He’s right where he needs to be…he’s a stud
  • If you werent a baseball player what would your career be: A WWE wrestler named Bell-Y Flop
  • Do you have a saves goal this year: Playoffs—thats my goal
  • You still using your Wii or on the Kinect: Wii – Dance party 2 with the kids
  • Tell me your thoughts on the Beard: Its fluffy and soft and natural
  • If you got into a brawl with Brian Wilson, who would win: His Beard
  • Which hitter do you hate facing the most? David Wright
  • Your pick for the best fish tacos in SD: Brigatine – Shelter Island
  • I’m visiting SD tomorrow, must try restaurant: Rocky’s on Ingraham in Mission Beach
  • How old were you when you started playing baseball: 5
  • Do you like the new uniforms for this year, do players even care what the uni’s look like: We care and I love the camos
  • Who do you look up to in the clubhouse: Bud Black
  • What’s your favorite burger place in SD: Five Guys

  • Quick reaction from the responses from Heath: First off, what an awesome guy to take time to answer some of his fans!! Someone really needs to show him a good taco shop in town, not sure why Taco Bell is at the top of his list! I LOVE that when the first person asked about Brian Wilson, he responded with something about the Beach Boys and didn’t think twice about the San Francisco closer. Last thought, someone needs to make a Bell-y Flop shirt for our WWE superstar Heath Bell!!

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