Heath Bell again states that he would take the San Diego discount

San Diego Padres All-Star Closer Heath Bell has stated many times that he wants to stay in San Diego and today he went onto Sirius MLB Radio and stated it again:

I definitely would take less just to sign [in San Diego] just because it’s the Padres and I want to stay here. I’m very open to take a discount but it has to be knowing that I’ll be able to stay here and not what happened to Jake Peavy. If I sign a long-term deal… I’m going to stay here for those years that I sign. I don’t just want to sign for the money. Even though Jake [Peavy] had a no-trade clause, [the Padres were] just pushing to get him out. I really don’t want that to happen – Heath Bell

Heath is the leader of the bullpen, but he could also be one of the biggest trading chips that the Padres have. Mike Adams and Luke Gregerson both have the potential to be excellent closers but, having all 3 in the bullpen makes it DOMINATING. If we are able to keep Heath in a San Diego uniform with a team friendly contract, then we should get that done.

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