Gyorko, Pelzer and Tekotte Profiled in 6/24 TWiP

I wrote up Eugene third baseman Jedd Gyorko, Lake Elsinore outfielder Blake Tekotte, and San Antonio righthander Wynn Pelzer in this week’s edition of This Week in Prospects over at the fantastic Call to the Pen.

With Gyorko, my writeup is pretty much the same as what I’ve been writing about him here at CF, but I don’t think I’ve discussed Tekotte much–and he merits discussion–and I haven’t talked about Pelzer’s complete meltdown in June, so it’s important to take a look at that. Definitely check TWiP out when you get the chance–you’ll also see a profile of former Padre farmhand Eric Sogard. There’s plenty of other great content on CttP as well, of course!

Okay, okay, self-promotion over.

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