Padres Select HS 3B Jacoby Almaraz With 28th Round Pick in 2010 MLB Draft

It took the Padres 28 rounds to draft a third baseman.

Granted, the position is one of the deeper ones in the system, but man, that’s a long wait.

They finally selected Texas high schooler Jacoby Almaraz in round 28.

Almaraz does have a nice skillset, so if he signs, the Padres probably will be able to get away with not drafting a 3B before him.

He’s got a nice 6’3″ frame and is very projectable, with a nice smooth swing.

Already a hitter who can use the whole field, the 18-year-old is advanced for his age. He’s not a defensive savant, but gets the job done at third base and can stick there.

Almaraz is another intriguing late-round selection who has time to develop.

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  • John

    OMG Padre fans, don’t get to excited here! Your team just drafted one of the more controversial players in San Antonio or should I say wasted a draft pick. The only people who think highly of him are his dad, who works in the Cardinal organization, and his dad’s scouting buddies around town. Average arm, way below average defensive skills, average speed, decent power, but a real head case. His peers will actually make fun of him even more now, now that he has been drafted. He’s been a laughing stock around here for past couple of years because daddy has paved his way! This draft choice is and will be a joke around this town. Hey, daddy can’t swing the bat for him in Juco or the minors so we shall see.

  • steven Glansbury

    jacoby almaraz plays the game with passion, if you believe he’s a hothead you obviously aren’t around the game enough to know what real ability and true upside is. He wasn’t drafted by anyone in connection with his father or his fathers friends from any other orginization. Padre fans, be very excited because you now have a left handed third baseman with raw power that hits to all fields, who, by the way will only get better as time goes on.

  • James

    Sounds like some VERY “bitter” comments! Mr. John: Perhaps you’re jealous because you haven’t been drafted or given an opportunity to make it in professional baseball. Jacoby is an extremely blessed young man, full of talent and passion. His dad is a great man of integrity! Jacoby is BLESSED to have a wonderful dad who happens to be in the field. Jacoby is playing ball on his own, and it’s his talent that will prove success. You should use your words more productively and wisely, instead of tearing others down due to bitterness or jealousy! Jacoby has REAL talent, and those who know baseball are noticing his talent. Sorry you feel so sour about his success and bright future in professional baseball. You will be in my prayers. Please stop the “hate” emails. It’s not good for you! :)

  • D

    Gentlemen, I don’t believe the comments being made by John are at all bitter or jealous. They are likely frustration! Frustration of how and why this happens to players who can’t field a pop-up or ground ball. Many are scratching their heads and not seeing this so called “upside”. Yeah he has passion for the game and he hits to all fields but there is something fishy going on behind the scenes. He won’t sign. This was just another tactic to boost that resume in two years to D-1 schools who had no interest in him as a senior
    Mr. James, you should also ask about the donation made by the dad to a local high school that he demanded to be returned after two years. Classy move!!!

  • Jose

    I think he’s improved every year and has suprizing power to all fields. They can teach a 17 year old to field but you can’t teach the swing and arm he has. He has flaws but the game does come easy to him. I don’t think this has enything todo with his dad. He’s a 6’3 left handed hitter who has proved himself as a hitter.

  • James

    Only time will tell. Sometimes when someone gets a break, it brings on jealousy and tearing down of character. Jacoby is a fine young man with a lot of talent for the game. His dad just happens to be a professional himself. Jacoby is blessed to have talent, and can decide to do whatever he feels led to do, whether in baseball or any other field. He has a good head on his shoulders, and we will shall all just have to see what pans out. He’s good, and he continue to prove himself, with or without his dad. So, stop the accusations and go pray for yourself.

  • James

    Also, Mr. John and D, you seem to be the same person. Sounds like a bitter coach currently employed at Reagan High School. Sorry you feel so bitter and frustrated coach. But, it’s your problem. Stop sulking, and go teach, or shall I say, go coach your little boys at Reagan. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get some of them signed up by the majors some day.

  • Paul Revere

    Give me a break. The guy is a .200 hitter with a bad glove. Without his father’s pull, he could not even play juco ball.

    • Rollie

      I would agree with what Paul said “a .200 hitter with a bad glove, riding his dads ties to JUCO and getting drafted”

      his dad is a peice of work from what I understand…the kid had to transfer HS in SA because of problems.

      most who know him and have played with him believe he will be cut in the fall at San Jac…like mentioned above, not a good glove, no range at all. he can hit for power in batting practice but in game is an below average hitter

      • James

        Bitterness stings!!! Move on!!!

  • James

    Boy are you bitter. You hold lots of anger within you…it shows in between the lines. Sounds like jealousy.

  • Mark

    He got drafted because he’s a tall left handed hitter with major power. Paul don’t be upset because you or your kid can’t match up to him.

  • James

    Sounds like more jealousy and bitterness! Sorry you were passed the big break! Go coach Reagan HS baseball and try and do well at it coach!! Move on!

  • John

    My contacts who are involved in professional baseball (three is total) all have said this was an inside job on drafting this kid. Sorry James, but it appears you check this message board way to much and have taken on the responsibility of defending the individual. I would say it is highly possible that you are one of the insiders involved in getting him drafted. Also, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not a coach nor affiliated with Reagan or their district. Sounds like the bitterness you have is towards their program which happens to be the program that Almarez couldn’t be a part of. Let’s check the message board in one or two years from now and see how the professional baseball career is progressing.

    • James

      I’m laughing!!! Geez, you are filled with sour grapes!! Get over yourself!!! You’re just upset cause you aren’t playing with the big boys! Sorry you or your kid didn’t make it! Bunch of bitter cry babies!!! And, I happen to be a fan! Fans are faithful. Now, stop your silly crying … Move on!

  • John

    Ok so after a year, this guy has 20 at bats, does very little and gets drafted again?? San Antonio Paper says he’s either signing or going to a four year school. Come on!!! Dad does it again. Cashes in on a favor to build that resume. Folks, honestly this ones not going back to San Jac because he won’t play so the only choice is going to another school. He won’t sign because the minors will be a short visit and everything will be over from a playing standpoint. Stay tuned, he will go to a school that owes dad a favor, stay a couple of years, get drafted again (all to the disbelief of teammates) and finally sign. What a joke!

  • Gary

    Jacoby is a good kid, just not a good player.
    His dad got him drafted last year and has done the same this year. He did not even play at San Jac and got drafted again..anyone who does ot believe this is inside stuff is an idiot.
    Jacoby is not going back to San Jac becasue he wont play and his dad cannot handle that. And the fact that Jacoby didnt make too many firends on the gators baseball team, those guys work hard ot get their and when a kid with Jacobys ability gets a roster spot becasue of his dad and takes away a spot form a deserving player, that does not sit well with the other players.
    I have even spoken with MLB scouts that know his dad Joe and all laugh about the situation and most are thinking he is getting what he deserves,, Joe Almaraz is a royal piece of ****
    Look at it this way..Jacoby had to goto 3 different HS in 4 years and will now be going to his 2nd college in 2 years…that 5 different schools in 6 years becasue of his dad.
    Joe needs to get over himself and realize Jacoby is an below average player.
    I really feel for Jacoby if he decides to report to MLB..those guys in instructional ball will play circles around him and again everyone will realize that Jacoby is only there becasue of his dad.
    What Joe gonna do then…send him to Japan?

  • Gary

    oh and also Jacoby was drafted by the Braves this year. Guess who is employeed by the Braves as Director of International scouting…yep none other than Jacobys uncle, Joes brother Johnny.

  • John

    I guess in the end, when Dad is finally told he can’t pave the way for his kid to play professional baseball, he will then get him a job with whatever organization owes him a favor. Its just so funny it makes you wonder how much more of this goes on when there are better talented kids out there who deserve a shot. The sad thing will be when Dad gets him the job he will be able to present this huge resume of baseball experience/drafted and only a few will really know the true story. I hope they don’t have another kid coming thru this same process.