Yefri Carvajal Emphatically Busts His Slump

Few Padres farmhands have had worse years than outfielder Yefri Carvajal. Entering today’s game, the Lake Elsinore outfielder was just 11-for-85–that’s a sub-Kyle Blanks average.

Carvajal was dispatched to extended spring in mid-May to work on overhauling his swing.

Today was his first start since returning, and he made it look like the refresher paid off greatly, as he went 4-for-4.

It tells you how bad his start was that Carvajal’s still hitting just .169/.214/.225.

Carvajal is noted by scouts for his excellent hand-eye coordination, and a lot of people were high on him a couple years back as a future leadoff type. He’s still just 21 and in High-A, so he has time to make adjustments.

So many good-looking prospects fail in baseball–it’s the nature of the game. It’s thus great to see one pick himself up and get back on the right track. Today, Yefri Carvajal took Step 1.

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